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Draft Agenda, 14 November 2017
DRAFT AGENDA (at 7/08/2017)

Tuesday 14 November 2017

To be held at Terminals Site Office at Mackenzie Road, Coode Island at 3:00 pm

  1. Welcome, Apologies and confirmation of draft Agenda
  2. Invite Phil Jones, National Australian Operations Team leader, to address the Committee on the recent changes at Terminals Pty Ltd (ANZ Terminals)
  3. A letter of appreciation to Don McKenzie
  4. Confirm draft Minutes for the meeting on 25 July 2017, and review Action Item list
  5. Improvement Action Report for 2013-2016 EIP, and discussion about the 2017-2020 EIP development
  6. Reports from Terminals and the City of Maribyrnong
  7. Other business:
    • Invite Nick Moen to attend a meeting of the CICCC
    • Confirm dates for 2018 meetings

Suggested meeting dates for 2018: 13 February, 15 May, 14 August, and 20 November. hide this








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