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Draft Agenda, 22 May 2018
DRAFT AGENDA (at 24/2/2018)

Tuesday 22 May 2018

To be held at Terminals Site Office at Mackenzie Road, Coode Island at 3:00 pm

  1. Welcome (including Stephen Lewis), Apologies and confirmation of draft Agenda
  2. Confirm draft Minutes for the meeting on 20 February 2018, and review Action Item list
  3. Community Reports - discussion of the new reports provided by Stephen, and outstanding reporting on the 2013-2016 EIP and the new EIP to replace the old one.
  4. Stephen to discuss the PIN notices from WorkSafe, and take questions from the Committee members.
  5. Stephen to advise on changes to SEPP levels, and the Terminals Pty Ltd response
  6. Reports from Terminals and the City of Maribyrnong
  7. Robin to advise on the status of the advertisement for new community members.
  8. Robin to advise on the status of a program for inviting key agencies to future meetings.
  9. Other business

Next meeting 22 May 2018

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