Draft Adopted Minutes Special Meeting

Thursday 9th December, 2004





Robin Saunders:

CICCC / Chairperson

Quentin Cooke:

Env. Protection Authority / Ex Off Comm

Ian Thomas:

Community Rep. / CICCC Committee

Richard Marks

Env. Protection Authority

Deborah Macfarlane:

Community Rep./Committee

Colleen Hartland

City of Maribyrnong

Faye Simpson

Community Member

Theo Pykoulas

City of Maribyrnong

Michael Isaachsen:

Community Rep./Committee

Ian Butterworth

Transport Manager, City of Maribyrnong

Bro Sheffield-Brotherton
Combined Enviro. Groups / Committee

Sue Chatterton

Minute Taker

George Horman:

Managing Director, Terminals Pty Ltd


Peter LaRose:

Operations Manager, Terminals Pty Ltd


Michael Frost:

Operations Superintendent, Terminals Pty Ltd






Robin         Welcomed Michael Frost, Ian Butterworth and Richard Marks




Margaret Donnan, Carlo Fasolino, Chris Watts, Paul Hayward,








Report from Council on studies of truck impacts on local streets (presented by Ian Butterworth, Transport Manager, Maribyrnong City Council)


Ian:             Ian presented two hand outs at the meeting. The first was an extract from a        report to Council referring to the truck curfews on Francis Street and                     Somerville Road, and subsequent Truck Traffic Counts                     around the Francis      Street – Somerville Road area. The second was an extract from the      Maribyrnong Integrated Transport Strategy – Freight Actions. Ian also     tabled a full copy of “Moving Forward – Maribyrnong Integrated Transport           Strategy”


                    Ian stated that council adopted an advocacy role whereby trying to sustain economic growth whilst at the same time attempting to protect other users of the area such as the residents, retailers, schools, etc.


                    Ian also made everyone aware of the other groups that have an impact on the results of the integrated transport strategy such as:


                    Yarraville Working Group, chaired by Bruce Mildenhall, MP (success with trailer parks and truck curfews)

                    Transport Reference Group, chaired by Cr Janet Rice and Cr MacDonald, recently ran a freight forum attended by 60 people

                    Metropolitan Truck Operations Committee and the Victorian Road Freight Advisory Council (provides advice to VicRoads).


                    Ian referred to the newly released “Linking Melbourne — Metropolitan Transport Plan” which can be found on the Department of Infrastructure website (, which emphasizes the importance of port and freight movement (see Section 4).


George:     Asked if report looked into origin of freight transport as he suspected 60-70% would be port related down Whitehall Street.


Robin:        Made Ian aware that Footscray Road was not shown on map and that it is a huge truck route.


Robin:        Thanked Ian for his presentation and said committee was looking for an overview of the results of integrated reports.


Michael:     Asked whether government or Port Authority have encouraged transport by rail. Ian answered currently 30% transport by rail with government raising target to 40%.


Michael:     More infrastructure into route out of Footscray by rail was required as presently limited to 2 tracks.


Robin:        Thanked Ian for all information and thanked him for attendance.








                    Presented by Quentin Cooke


Quentin:     Introduced Richard Marks. Richard nominated to be new client manager for Terminals Pty Ltd. Quentin now Group Leader for West Metropolitan Area.


Robin:        Welcomed Richard to CICCC meetings.


Quentin:     Group formed to develop trunk sewer on Coode Island.


Quentin:     Moreland Street issue – Planning Permit, VCAT appeal.


Theo:          Tabled a letter from the Mayor of the City of Maribyrnong to the Minister for Planning, The Hon. Mary Delahunty MP expressing the council’s concern about the decision to call in this appeal regarding the proposed development. Theo also tabled the Terms of Reference for the VCAT Advisory Committee. (Subsequent to the meeting, the Advisory Committee has been appointed, with Kathy Mitchell (Chair), Ken McNamarra and Ian Potts (Members))


Robin:        The 99 Moreland Street raised the concern of bringing more intense development closer to storage site. Buffer distances are an issue, and would Theo or Colleen be able to advise how the matter came to council with no consultation with the CICCC?.


Colleen:     Voted against eh development due to proximity to site.


George:     Terminals point of view agrees with the need for a buffer. The Port of Melbourne Authority was conducting a buffer study. It is not primarily a safety issue but noise and smells would restrict operability of business to development. Not an appropriate development so close to port.


Robin:        CICCC was not abreast of information which he felt was a failure of City of Maribyrnong. CICCC would like to be alerted of issues in the future.


Colleen:     How close for planning notice?


Robin:        1,000 metre contour has been cited in the past as a buffer for residential areas, and would be logical.


Robin:        No such thing as absolute safety for anything. Houses slowly encroaching on Port.


George:     Mentioned that Carlo had access to a copy of the Fremantle Port Study and would ask him to bring along to next meeting for discussion.


                    ACTION: Carlo Fasolino


Colleen:     Community groups have been asking for buffer zones for a long while without any success, now the Chemical industry are asking for buffer zones because of this development.


Quentin:     It has taken this event to shake loose the studies into buffer zones. Need to embrace all the precincts of the port not just Coode Island. What the land adjoining the port can be used for ensuring an appropriate buffer between Coode Island and sensitive uses.


Bro:             Mentioned the Coode Island Report of 02/04/03 made reference to buffer zones.


Quentin:     EPA view to 99 Moreland Street – concerns with site as it was an old gas works site, highly contaminated land. Not appropriate development close to Coode.


                    EPA opinion case by case consideration of side by side development.


Colleen:     What was council to do if responsible authorities will not make an objection.


Robin:        What advise will EPA be giving to advisory committee. Has EPA already started to prepare issues. Does EPA intend to submit to advisory committee evidence of buffer zone.


Quentin:     Permitted “as of right” use of land. Zoning not appropriate.


Robin:        EPA needs to put case where EPA puts that it is an inappropriate development.


Quentin:     Population density around Coode Island – people per hectare around the clock. Altona population density controls around industry the only industry in state to do so.


Robin:        Proper studies to be initiated regarding risks. Is EPA going to firmly come out to advisory committee regarding position of EPA.


Robin:        Studies to be put on public submission to allow comment.


Bro:             Process of appraisal.


Robin:        Write to the advisory committee regarding processes we would like to see put into place.


Colleen:     Item 20 – 8 weeks after the last hearing. Short amount of time – a real concern. Studies required before submission.


Faye:          Morbidity data in relation to buffer zones. Would this information come into framework when conducting studies?


Quentin:     Concerns of the “big bang” effect of QRA rather than morbidity rate.


Quentin:     Concerns to amenity issues – smells and noise. Issue Victorian WorkSafe Authority – hazard and risk associated with industry. Further technical studies need to be done.


Deborah:   EPA does have a duty to speak up.


Michael:     Only able to say poor planning and inappropriate position.


Robin:        EPA needs to make a strong comment to Advisory Council.


Robin:        Write to Advisory Committee outlining our concerns about process as well as issues. Committee should seek expert reports to be made public and allow time to respond to reports.


                    ACTION: Robin to write to committee


George:     Problem with the advisory committee is it is not known who is on committee format and who they are to receive submissions from.


Bro:             Need to put something in first – not a good process.


George:     Task Force 1998 vague reference to buffer zone.


Robin:        Write to committee seeking to know process. Need studies to assess risks. Need to see output of study. Reply by mid January 2005.


                    ACTION: Robin to write to committee


                    TERMINALS PTY LTD

                    Report by George Horman


George:     Short overview of recent events


  1. 1.    Kaneb have been taken over by Volero Energy. Largest refiner of crude oil in USA. Valero LP are taking over Kaneb 25% and the rest in public ownership.

    1. 2.    Further 3 month extension East side close 31st March 2005.

      1. 3.    Demolition tender has gone out to contractors end of January 2005. Dig and remove – presentation at next meeting. Independent auditor to convince EPA that Terminals has fully remediated land for Port use.

                            ACTION: Present remediation plan next meeting.


        1. 4.    Marstell are due to commission plant January 2005, liquid free 28th February, 2005. One more month extension possible if required. Peter La Rose stated not able to get a straight answer from Marstell.

          1. 5.    EIP 4 year Environment Improvement Plan to be presented at the next meeting, along with other unfinished business on the agenda.

            1. 6.    The relocation of nine tanks from the West Side to the East Side went smoothly, and reconstruction of the tanks is going well.


              ITEM 6:       AGENDA ITEM 11


                                  NEXT SCHEDULED MEETING


                                  NEXT MEETING:           THURSDAY 3RD FEBRUARY, 2005 AND MAY                     ADJUST 24TH FEBRUARY, 2005 MEETING.



              MEETING CLOSED: 9.00pm


              Next meeting: 3rd February, 2005

              Following meeting: 24th February, 2005