Adopted Minutes

Thursday, 13th April, 2006





Robin Saunders:

CICCC / Chairperson

Quentin Cooke:

Env. Protection Authority / Ex Off Comm

Ian Thomas:

Community Rep./Committee

Theo Pykoulas

City of Maribyrnong

Deborah Macfarlane:

Community Rep./Committee

Carlo Fasolino

State Manager Victoria, Terminals Pty Ltd

Michael Isaachsen:

Community Rep./Committee

George Horman

Managing Director, Terminals Pty Ltd





Robin         Welcomed all in attendance.

                    Apologies Peter La Rose, Sue Chatterton, Bro Sheffield-Brotherton,Faye Simpson

                    Confirmation of draft agenda - adopted





Robin:        Draft minutes of 16 February 2006 meeting confirmed.







Presented by Carlo Fasolino


Carlo:         Then presented Terminals Pty Ltd report.


       The monthly truck movements have decreased from the 700–800 per month early in the year (when benzene and propylene oxide was still being stored) to around 500 per month. This volume will increase with the expected Pye-gas storage, due to start this month. Carlo was requested to show the typical pattern of hourly and daily truck movements, by choosing a typical day and breaking down the truck movements into hourly movements, and by picking a typical week and breaking it down into daily truck movements.


ACTION ITEM: Terminals to provide typical hourly and daily truck movements.


       Valero has completed the sale of their Australian and New Zealand terminal operations, and the new owner has registered a new company ANZ Terminals Pty Ltd in Australia. George Horman continues as CEO.

       The combustor trials have resulted in no appreciable change in emissions at the lower temperature of 750C, down from 890C. EPA has approved the lower operating temperature, which will lead to significant less gas needing to be burnt, and greenhouse gas emission savings. The gas saving is expected to be greater than simply pro-rata, and will be reported in a few months time when sufficient data is available to give representative results.

       The report of incidents was discussed at some length. In relation to the TDI incident, Carlo advised that the 2 hose fittings connecting the truck with the Terminals truck unloading facility were the same, which can lead to errors. Earlier attempts by Terminals to require different sized vapour and liquid fittings had not been successful. Terminals will now try a system of colour coding to avoid similar future problems.

       Two suggestions were made to help the readability of the report. Firstly, a note should be placed at the bottom of the Table explaining that under the column of Severity, 1 represents the least severe and 3 the most severe. Secondly, in the column describing the incident, key details of the impact should be included (e.g. volume of liquid spilt, damage to equipment etc.)

ACTION ITEM: Terminals to include key details of impacts in the Incident Reports.

       The committee confirmed that graphed details of monthly TOC emissions wee no longer required, and a statement along the lines of TOC emissions varied from 4 to 0.5 g/minute, compared with the license limit of 500 g/minute would suffice.

       The first Pye-gas truck arrived on site to deliver Pye-gas for storage prior to export today (13 April 2006). When it arrived winding for an interlock was missing and truck discharge could not be commenced. In fact, the wrong truck had been sent, not the one that had been tested with the new plant.

       The Terminals Coode Island Annual Report to EPA has been submitted. A summary of emissions for the years 2001–02 to 2005 was tabled, showing total emissions reducing over the 5 years from over 14 tonnes to just over 1 tonne, a very substantial reduction. Nearly all of the remaining emissions are VOCs.

       Liquid waste from the site has decreased substantially due to the use of the combustor, and improvements to site storm-water segregation (excluding the liquid [and solid] wastes from the remediation of the east side).

       Greenhouse gas emissions in 2005 were about 3000 tonnes CO2-equivalent.




                    Presented by Quentin Cooke


Quentin:     Reported that it had been brought to his attention that the Sparge Curtain operation had been interrupted and ceased for a number of months, and that the monitoring bores along the Maribyrnong River had been destroyed during the road reconstruction to the wharf on behalf of the Port of Melbourne Authority.


George      Commented that the equipment to run the Sparge Curtain operation was remote from the Terminals facility site, and had not been connected to the main control room. This is being corrected now.


Carlo:         In relation to the monitoring bores, Carlo advised they have been reinstated by Terminals. Carlo provided graphs of monitoring of the bores half yearly over the last five years. The recent results have been generally the lowest on record.



ACTION ITEM: Carlo to email the monthly report and the annual report to Robin for distribution, along with advice on the Intervention Level for groundwater contamination (thought to be about 960 μg/m3?)

Quentin      Advised that Jim Clements has been appointed to a new executive position, and Scott Moloney has been appointed EPAs Acting Regional Manager West Metropolitan.

ACTION ITEM: The Committeee expressed its gratitude to Jim for the support he has shown the CICCC, and asked the Chair to convey those sentiments to Jim in writing.


City of Maribyrnong


Theo:          Theo reported that the lease at 99 Moreland St was up for renewal, and a change in the activity at the site may occur. This could take the form of storage of boats and caravans on site, but it does not indicate a change in the allowed use, or an intensification of use.


                    Theo confirmed that the City of Maribyrnong had declined to sponsor the community forum of Coode Island tenants, in view of their very considerable work load of other matters in the area. The Committee acknowledged the continued support of the City of Maribyrnong over a very long time, despite not receiving any rate revenue form Coode Island, and having little government support in relation to this issue.


George      Indicated that he thought that there was little merit in pursuing a forum hosted jointly by Terminals and Marstel, as the companies were direct competitors. Some other mechanism would need to be found to draw in all Coode Island tenants, and to look at broader issues. The potential of the Port of Melbourne Authority to take this role was noted, should they be willing to do so.


ACTION ITEM: George to draft a position paper, spelling out what we want PoMC to do.


Work Safe


                    Deferred till next meeting – not in attendance



As the meeting had been inadvertently scheduled for the evening at the commencement of the Easter break, it was concluded early at 8:00 pm. And other matters on the agenda were deferred to the next meeting.




Meeting dates for 2006 – 10 August, 12 October, 14th December 2006.