Adopted Minutes

Thursday, 12th October, 2006





Robin Saunders:

CICCC / Chairperson

Quentin Cooke:

Env. Protection Authority / Ex Off Comm

Ian Thomas:

Community Rep./Committee

Peter La Rose

Operations Manager, Terminals Pty Ltd

Deborah Macfarlane:

Community Rep./Committee

George Horman

Managing Director, Terminals Pty Ltd

Michael Isaachsen:

Community Rep./Committee

Paul Hayward

Engineering Manager Victoria

Bro Sheffield Brotherton

Community Rep./Committee

Carlo Fasolino

State Manager Victoria

Faye Simpson

Community Rep./Committee

Sue Chatterton

Minute Taker

Theo Pykoulas

City of Maribyrnong





Robin         Welcomed all in attendance.

                    Apologies Geoff Cooke



ITEM 2.      CONFIRMATION OF DRAFT MINUTES MEETING 10 August,             2006


Robin:        Draft minutes confirmed.







Presented by Peter La Rose


Peter:         Presented Terminals Pty Ltd Operations Report. Stated it has been a quiet period for shipping and road tankers.


                    EPA has signed off CUTEP (Clean Up To the Extent Practicable) for East Side.


                    Environmental audit conducted by Frank Fleer, results were very good.


Faye:          Ask where do the trucks weigh in and out?


Peter:         Melbourne Markets at present until decision made regarding weighbridge on site. We have another option for the weighbridge, PoMC having vetoed our other proposals at publicly available sites. We may be forced to put the new weighbridge on our site so therefore it would not be available for public use.


Peter:         Training is on track and very good effort so far this year.


                    Incident regarding product freezing in hose whilst shipping operations underway proved to be a communication problem. Terminals raising at shipping meetings stipulating crew must be able to communicate adequately in English. The ships are fronting their English speaking crew member on first to complete the check sheets but later in the transfer they change over shifts, with crews that are unable to speak English. It is getting to the point now where if there is no English speaking crew member available we will be stopping the transfer.


Michael:     Who bears the cost?


Peter:         The surveyor would then control discharge on behalf of crew.


Carlo:         Client has always got a surveyor who is capable of taking over discharge.


Peter:         BASF incident still under investigation, but all Terminals procedures adhered to.


                    Pygas – 1 export and client are investigating a local market. Currently trials being undertaken at Huntsman.


George:     Terminals put in a bid to buy a terminal at Mackay but were unsuccessful.


Deborah:   How do you bid in those circumstances?


George:     Bidding is done by tender. Everyone bidding signs a confidentiality agreement, then look at the information provided and costs it. It is interesting that Terminals is looking to grow in the future. Mackay is booming due to all mining activity in area.


                    Terminals Geelong is about to commission Butadiene sphere ready for product due later this month.




Presented by Quentin Cooke


Quentin:         Coode Island sewer and progress, construction was meant to be                completed last month. System now exists and ready. Was                           expecting that Terminals would be attached at this date.


                        Received proposal from Terminals regarding installing ground                    water recovery trench at Plant B.


                        Involved in a number of activities at Geelong site with Jim                             Clements, works approval for Bitumen./ Successful in getting an                amendment bill thru the state government – 15 aspects to it                          which gives the authority new powers.


                        The main aims in the environmental field are:-


      Green house effect

      Global warming

      New bill allows us to focus on non traditional aspects such as electricity usage or water usage

      Aiming to target large energy and water usage

      Ban on plastic bags


Robin:                        Thanked Quentin for his report.




Presented by Theo Pykoulas


Theo:              Not much more has been divulged to council by the Port authority on their land purchases and plans.


George:         Old Bentley Complex site being knocked down on Coode and was committee aware of this closing down. The land appears to be going to be added into P&O Ports container park. Terminals have purchased 3 tanks for Geelong. The tanks are going to be placed on a barge and floated to Geelong.


Robin:                        Even if they are not a Major Hazard facility do they require                            works approval.


Quentin:         EPA really not interested in Tallow.


Ian:                 Wondering about Bio Diesel


George:         Axiom says it is going well and does not know anything more at                  this stage.





Deferred to next meeting.





Robin:                        George has prepared a draft of points. Larger community                             forum.


George:         Put case why we need it. We should have 3 joint meetings of                      users attended by community representatives.


                        In order to achieve this we need to have CICCC agree that this                   is a good idea.


      3 joint meetings a year

      Interested groups attend

      Talk to authorities and port users


Asked committee if that is the direction we would like to go.


Robin:                        The whole land issue which is wider than Terminals. Wanted to                 keeping going with our own forums. Need a strategy to                                 overcome problems.



George:         We need to provide the community with more information                             relevant to the use of the port.


Bro:                 Worthwhile thing to do and strongly in favour.


Ian:                 Feel exactly the same. The proposal brilliant.


George:         Sell it on the basis to have the regulators to attend and cover all                  bases and therefore they would not need to attend individual                       meetings.


Theo:              Port of Melbourne already have Port Community Forum.


Robin:                        Yes, but it is port-wide. This proposal is just for Coode Island                       users.


Quentin:         Felt it would not happen as in the past Port of Melbourne                              Authority have resisted vehemently.


George:         How do we approach the MCG to gain their support to attend a                   meeting.


Robin:            Can we as a committee unanimously support the proposal.


                        General support was expressed. The next step is for George to approach Marstel and see if they are I agreement.






George:         When I saw emails back I was annoyed and I apologise for                          return email.


Robin:                        Newsletter should be one part clearly attributed to Terminals                                   and 2nd part clearly attributed to CICCC.


                        How do we prepare something from what we have already. We                  will give all information collected so far to Karen at Clifton                             Consulting and allow her to make it a little shorter. With a few                     changes what has already been prepared by Karen it would be                   good.


Deborah        Household hints bit at end remove.


George:         Karen will cull items.


Deborah:       Felt the language was overly complicated.


George:         Would it be okay to have Karen ring each member. All agreed.


Bro:                 Coherent logical piece of work needs to be done.


Robin:            Concerning the material from the CICCC, we need one sentence from each individual providing biographical material, and then some general discussion on the following:


      Why the community felt that CICCC important and worth joining.

      Issues after fire.

      Coode Island why community wanted it relocated

      Long term leases – progressive improvement

      Comments about what we still want to see


Happy to have a list of topics and put to Karen and see what she thinks.


Week to prepare – Friday 19th October, 2006. Get a package of information together and give it to Carlo to pass onto Karen Sherlock.






Paul:               Then presented report on intended new security system to be                      installed at Coode Island.


      Making system electronic – remote

      More improved

      Replaces manpowered security guard

      Video cameras around perimeter of 2 sites

      Microphonic wires around perimeter

      Video feed to contract security company

      Duty Managers can access same vision via internet

      All alarms will go thru to security company

      Will be given protocol to follow

      Out of hours coverage

      Nitrogen deliveries – key pad

      Mobile patrols - twice


Peter:             Melbourne Port also has their own security on river and road.


Ian:                 I think it is an excellent proposal.


Paul:               Planned to have commissioned by Christmas.


Faye:              If one camera goes down does if affect the others?


Paul:               All cameras individually cabled.


Robin:                        Thanked Paul for his report.





National Industrial Chemicals Notification & Assessment Scheme – Community engagement forum.


Faye:              Could not get along to meeting itself but received                                            documentation. Group chemicals into 3 lots.


Bro:                 Will give an update next year at the February meeting.



OESC website design


Robin:                        OESC website design – drew to committee members attention.



Waste Proposal


Peter:             Over the border disposal in NSW.


Paul:               Terminals were thinking of waste disposal via the combustor.


Bro:                 Controversial – likely to turn combustor into hazardous waste                      incinerator.


Paul:               Cant see why it wouldnt work. Going to run a trial with water                      first then waste water. At the moment a lot of energy going to                       waste. Combustor at present being underutilized. If it works out                 will put a proposal to the EPA.


Peter:             With the big price increase for waste disposal other options have                to be looked at.


Quentin:         Waste disposal is going to be even more expensive in the                            future.


Ian:                 Providing trial is properly controlled cannot see a problem with                   proposal.


Quentin:         Combusted waste generated on site in BASGAS in Port                                Campbell already being used.


George:         In previous minutes stated that combustor would not be used as                 an incinerator and acknowledges at time was spoken with                            sincerity.



Drainage Upgrade


Paul:               Eliminated all underground drains. Bunds graded to allow for                     drainage into sediment traps in pit.


George:         Once sewer is connected first flush then skim and pump to sewer.


Robin:            Looking at a site inspection February 22nd, 2007 5:00 pm meet at site.


George:         Planning an Open Day in March 2007.



NEXT SCHEDULED MEETING:   14 December, 2006

Meeting dates for 2007 – 22 February, 17 May, 19 July, 20 September, 22 November.