Adopted Minutes

Thursday, 22nd February, 2007





Robin Saunders:

CICCC / Chairperson

Tim Faragher:

Env. Protection Authority

Ian Thomas:

Community Rep./Committee

Carlo Fasolino

State Manager Victoria, Terminals Pty Ltd

Deborah Macfarlane:

Community Rep./Committee

George Horman

Managing Director, Terminals Pty Ltd

Faye Simpson

Community Member

Sue Chatterton

Minute Taker

Michael Isaachsen:

Community Rep./Committee


John OÕMara







Robin         Welcomed all in attendance to 2007

                    Apologies Peter La Rose, Bro Sheffield Brotherton, Quentin Cooke


Robin:        Welcomed and introduced John OÕMara who is interested in industrial safety issues.

                    Confirmation of draft agenda - adopted







Robin:        Draft minutes of 14th December, 2006 confirmed.




10/05-1      Complete


02/06-2      Complete


02/06-3      Michael Isaacson to report back to the CICCC on the Lower Maribyrnong Reference Group regarding pollution in the Lower Maribyrnong.


02/06-4      Awaiting sign-off from EPA.


Action:      Tim to chase up and get sorted by next meeting.


02/06-6      Waiting on TheoÕs advise.


04/06-1      Complete


04/06-4      Need to develop strategy to get the community into the users group meeting.


Robin:        We are happy for George to proceed with the matter.


George:     We need to get Marstel Committee on board and then arrange with users group.


Robin:        One initiative with Marstel and broader initiative users group.


Ian:             Only aiming at once of twice a year for combined meeting.


George:     Strategy needs to be developed. Carlo and I can organize talking to Marstel. As far as Marstel Committee concerned we should write outlining idea.


Robin:        Will place action on Agenda for next meeting to put forward a strategy. Before hand George or Carlo to talk to Marstel.


Ian:             Why the approach to Marstel first?


Robin:        The users group not interested.


Carlo:         The User Group get together to discuss issues as tenants to talk to PoMC, the group is informal.


George:     Carlo could arrange to have a member of the community attend to see what actually takes place at the meetings. We are only talking 3 meetings a year. Asked Carlo if agencies attend.


Carlo:         Not really mainly just users.


Michael:     DoesnÕt sound like the kind of forum that we could go along to and ask questions of the other users.


Robin:        EPA has a mandate to promote community consultation. We could use that head of power to encourage the Users Group to think favorably about 2 or 3 meetings a year open to Community Representatives.


George:     Melbourne Ports do not like to be put in a position where they are open to criticism.


Robin:        If the EPA stress it would be desirable it may sway their thinking.


George:     Would like to know that other users have the same constraints placed on them as Terminals.


Robin:        Exactly, that is a question that goes through my mind. Terminals/Marstel open to a great deal of scrutiny whereas the others on Coode Island do not.


Tim:            EPA supportive of community involvement, Major Hazard Facilities generate a lot more scrutiny.


Michael:     Asked Tim if the EPA would ask other users if the community is able to ask questions and open up.


George:     There seems to be two sets of rules. If Terminals had a major spill like that at the Bently Chemplex site EPA would have been a lot more stringent. Terminals had to put in a lot more safeguards. Pacific Terminals expanding and not made to discuss future plans.


Tim:            Not sure if EPA played down the spill at Bently Chemplex. Might have been Bently Chemplex playing down matter rather than EPA.


John:          The planning permit for Pacific Terminals is available for public viewing.


Tim:            The planning permit does specify they have to comply with EPA guidelines.


George:     It seems Terminals always has to comply when the others donÕt.


Michael:     We are not hearing much from the EPA about the nuts and bolts of things happening at Coode. If companies are handling chemicals close to the community, shouldnÕt they be made to share nuts and bolts with the community.


Tim:            EPA would try and encourage such openness should there be enough community interest as it would be more beneficial to all concerned.


Robin:        Marstel and Terminals combined meeting not going to go ahead.


Michael:     If there are facilities near the population where a leakage could be harmful how does the EPA decide whether the community should be informed?


Tim:            Happy to do a presentation at the next meeting outlining the Works Approval application process. Whether or not a Works Approval is required is laid down in the regulations.


Action:      Terminals to talk to Marstel regarding having community representation attend the Users Group meeting.


06/06-4      Delete


12/06-1      Complete


12/06-2      Complete


12/06-3      Complete


12/06-4      Complete


12/06-5      Complete






                    Presented by Tim Faragher


Tim:            The Lower Maribyrnong Audit findings were released in January. The entire audit is on the website should anyone want to view the report.


                    Clean Up Notices issued to PoMC, Mobil, and Albright & Wilson regarding Holden Dock. Strategies and plans for remediation of area have been put in place and an investigation and on going work into storm water management in the area is being addressed.


Action:      Robin to include mention of the clean-up notices associated with the Lower Maribyrnong Audit in the media release.


Tim:            All those sites have to engage an EPA auditor to manage the contamination and remediation. Next stop is to implement the EPA recommendations.


Carlo:         Felt the process unfair as those companies were being made responsible for previous port issues.


Robin:        EPA would have to have strong case against the companies before clean up notices issued and asked Tim if the clean up notices were public documents?


Tim:            Yes


Robin:        Could I have copies please.


Tim:            Agreed to provide Robin with copies. (Subsequently Tim provided the web site address where the notices are listed, and details were set out in the media release.)


Deborah:   Was extremely helpful to have a cruise down the river to see the sites from the river and look at the sites from that perspective. Went on a tour conducted by Peter Summerville and found the experience very informative as Peter was very knowledgeable.


George:     Terminals has not copped a clean up notice. Only on Plant A site which has since been demolished so clean up noticed cancelled.


Robin:        DeborahÕs suggestion sounds like something we could look at doing later in the year, maybe Christmas.


Deborah:   Peter Summerville is the owner of the boat and would need to be given a good amount of notice.


Robin:        It is a long time away from Christmas but something to be put on the back burner till later in the year.


Ian:             The comprehensive Fish Study released at the same time as the Audit Study. Findings also published in the paper recommended consumption of the fish caught around that area be kept to a minimum.



Deborah:   Is the contamination localized or does it apply to further up the river. How are the people to know about the reports recommendations and does it apply to further up the river?


Faye:          On the website do you also state the standards and when they are updated.


Tim:            The contamination appears to be localized and as far as the standards they are more an issue for the Department of Human Services rather than the EPA.


Robin:        Thanked Tim for his report.




Presented by Carlo Fasolino


Carlo:         Then presented Terminals Pty Ltd report.


George:     Annual budgets for capital projects were approved by TerminalsÕ owners during their recent visit, to continue with the upgrade and expansion of the site. Upgrade to be constructed to highest feasible standard.


Carlo:         MHF licence up for renewal later this year. Proposed 2 new tanks to be put forward for planning application.


Michael:     With regard to the first incident where there was a leakage on a flange what caused it?


Carlo:         Leaks happen sometimes it was actually a truck flange that leaked.


Michael:     I thought all trucks were certified prior to entry onto site?


Carlo:         Terminals insist on sighting cleanliness certificate and pressure test certificate prior to loading and can only judge by those certificates.


Robin:        Terminals is concerned that trucks are of a good quality, that the contractors are of a good quality with good drivers.


George:     We had a spate of similar incidents many years ago so measures were undertaken to ensure trucks were maintained and tested.


Carlo:         Until paperwork from transport contractor comes back proving the truck has been independently tested to be safe truck is not allowed back on site.


Ian:             Is there any chance of product leaking during the journey between Terminals and client.


George:     A visual inspection is performed prior to truck leaving site so scenario unlikely.


Faye:          Is it possible to get a CO2 emission report from Terminals?


Action:      Terminals to report greenhouse gas emissions in each Operations and Occurrence Report. Some context of the scale of the emissions should be given. Also gas and electricity usage should be reported.




Bro is an apology so item deferred to the next meeting.








Sign off on text on Newsletter.


George:     Presented the committee with the Geelong Newsletter as a sample of size of working he felt should be presented to the community.


Robin:        Karen Sherlock has given us a mock up of the newsletter.


Deborah:   Gave George some suggested amendments to pass on the Karen.


Robin:        Community has yet to sight Terminals text. When you have text available George could you please put to committee.


Ian:             Has edited KarenÕs comments so it is more acceptable to himself.


Robin:        Went through the changes on the document with the committee. The amended text was agreed by the Community Representatives.


Robin:        Terminals has committed to rewriting Terminals section, will send around to everyone for screening prior to putting to print. Date of publication in Terminals court, also how wide an area the distribution is to cover, provide to such places as the council, libraries, community centers etc. Suggested the mail out be better sent closer to the Open Day.




George:     George advised after the meeting that the Open Day is 5TH MAY, 2007.









Meeting dates for 2007 – 19th July, 20th September, 22nd November, 2007.