Adopted Minutes

Thursday 20 September, 2007





Robin Saunders

CICCC / Chairperson

Andrew Clifton


Bro Sheffield-Brotherton
Community Rep./Committee

Tim Faragher

Environment Protection Authority

Michael Isaachsen:

Community Rep./Committee

Paul Hayward

Regional Engineering Manager, Terminals Pty Ltd

Deborah Macfarlane

Community Rep./Committee

Carlo Fasolino

State Manager Victoria, Terminals Pty Ltd

Faye Simpson

Community Member

Peter LaRose
Operations Manager, Terminals Pty Ltd

Michele Lanera


Rory Quinn
Project Manager, Terminals Pty Ltd

Susie Goldsmith


Susan Chatterton

Minute Taker





Robin          Welcomed all to the meeting.


                    Apologies: George Horman, Geoff Millard, Theo Pykoulas

                    Confirmation of draft agenda – adopted


Robin          Suggested we start with the Newsletter contents (refer attached Newsletter       showing mark ups). Refer also to Item 6 “Other Business” in minutes.




                    17 MAY 2007 AND REVIEW ACTION ITEM LIST


Draft Minutes




Action Items


05/07-1        Current version of IAR to be made slightly more specific. Robin to liaise with Carlo and Tim. Update and post to web. – Put on website as presented by Carlo.


05/07-5        Terminals to provide report on chemical storage figures every 6 months (March and September) – Report to be provided next meeting.







Peter            Terminals have developed a system of nitrogen generation as a gas on site which they hope will cut down costs and cartage of liquid nitrogen to the site.


                    The language barrier with regard to communicating with ships is becoming increasing difficult. This presents a concern about safety, Terminals have made comments to the shipping agents and have stipulated that Terminals will not be unloading ships in the future if there is not an English speaking person on duty during discharge.


Susie           Maybe the committee could make an approach to the Port of Melbourne Corporation stating our concerns with the safety aspect.


Peter            The EPA have no say with regards to the ship unless there is a spill and WorkSafe only get involved if there is an incident.


Susie           Would of thought there was some way of galvanising the authorities to get involved.


Carlo           The only way to get action is to stop the unloading of the ship making it a commercial decision.


Bro:             Note the information with concern that Terminals has brought to our attention and write to Port of Melbourne Corporation endorsing our concerns.


Robin          Committee in favour of Bro’s suggestion.


ACTION:  Robin to write to the Port of Melbourne Corporation.


Peter            This problem has been ongoing for years with no satisfactory action taken.


Peter            Terminals have lost Michael Frost, Maintenance and Operations Superintendent to Marstel, we wish him all the best for the future.





Robin          Received an email from Theo regarding Maribyrnong Council being nominated for a Safety Community Award. Will tell us all about it at the next meeting.


                    Theo also mentioned in his email the incident on the wharf over the weekend 15-16th September, 2007 and the subsequent actions the council took in trying to inform the community.


Robin:         Asked Tim if he could elaborate on the details of the incident.


Tim              The incident happened on the site of the P & O Ports who were bought out by D.P. World earlier this year. The incident happened on Saturday afternoon when there was a small leak of Ethyl Acrylate. Not sure of the quantity just know that it was only small. It occurred when an Isotainer containing the product was damaged. The incident was reported mid afternoon Saturday.


                    Reports of odour came from as far away as Tullamarine and Williamstown. The odour threshold is 2 parts per billion, safe exposure is 5 parts per billion. The EPA and MFB were in attendance at the site most of the weekend controlling the incident. During their investigation no detectable levels to the atmosphere were measured. Therefore no safety levels were exceeded. Reports received within the community were that people smelt the odour and felt ill. Some of the workers on Patrick’s site went home sick.


                    The damaged isotainer was decanted into another isotainer. EPA sourced a neutralising agent from BASF (MEA) to clean up spill.


Deborah      Are they likely to be fined?


Tim              If enforcement is warranted yes. These sites are not classified as a Major Hazard Facility as the chemicals are only stored for a short time.


Andrew       Reported the odour myself at 2:20pm. The fire brigade attended the site at 2:40pm. The southerly wind prevalent at the time changed to a northerly drift affecting widespread communities.


Deborah      There were quite a wide circle of communities affected.


Robin          Concerned where the containers are sealed so it doesn’t seem possible for authorities to keep track of the quantity of containers contents.


Carlo           The containers carrying these types of chemicals are labelled similar to trucks and stored in certain sections of the wharf.


Tim              The EPA is investigating the incident and will be advising D.P. World of what actions will be required.


Robin          Asked Tim to advise committee of investigation outcome from the leak at D.P. World of Ethyl Acrylate.


Tim              Agreed.


ACTION    Tim to report on investigation of the ethyl acrylate spill at D.P. World outcome at next meeting


Susie           Knew of community members ringing the Williamstown Police Station regarding the odour tying up valuable resources. Asked Tim if the EPA have a website as there was nothing mentioned on 774 radio.


Robin          Council posted a message on the City of Maribyrnong phone system.


Peter            Asked how everyone felt when they were informed about the spill as on the TV the footage shown was of the tanks?


Robin          Would welcome a recommendation that the committee write to council and agencies pointing out communication deficiencies when such incidents occur.


Deborah      The odour affected a large number of municipalities.


Susie           People did not know what the odour was and if it was harmful.


Michael       Rang the council and listened to the recording and then rang the call centre as advised to do so on the recording. On contacting the call centre was advised to contact the EPA.


Susie           If council involved only need to provided a recorded message or direction to the website.


Peter            Everyone jumped on the band wagon after the fires. The news gave no details just highlighted tanks and that was it. No details were given to contact anyone regarding their concerns.


Susie           The smell caused fear and concern.


Peter            How different the scenario would have been if had wafted into the packed stadium of Telstra Dome during the football match.


Bro              All we hear are the fire engines going past. As the odours of such leaks are profoundly exquisite, after 20 years why is this issue so difficult to fix.


Robin          Will write to the council about this issue and copy to PACIA


ACTION:  Robin to write to the council and authorities pointing out communication deficiencies when such incidents occur.





Tim              There have been some staff changes and Quentin is back. Scott Maloney has resigned taking up a position at BHP Alumina Refinery, Bunbury W.A., heading up the environmental department.


                    Prior to the meeting circulated copy of the draft EPA licence for Terminals. There is a condition on the licence to ensure only on site waste is to be put thru combustor. Under the Marpol (marine pollution) convention Terminals have to take ship tank washing waste as part of their normal operations and obligations. Section 1.2 of the licence.


Robin          Section needs to be reworded to say that only liquid waste generated on site with the exception of ship tank washings to be put thru combustor.


Peter            The licence stipulates only Marpol washings.


Tim              The ground water monitoring program undertaken on the site recorded levels below those of concern so therefore dropping two of the four wells. Terminals going to monitor only the two wells close to the river.





To be placed on Website as is.





20th October, 2007







The intended Newsletter was read and recommended alternative wording was put forward for Terminals consideration. Copy of alterations attached.




Robin          Asked if anyone had seen the article in “The Age” 13 September, 2007 about the Melbourne Printing Museum in Moreland Street, Footscray started up by Michael Isaachsen. Michael was congratulated for his tireless work in preserving a unique collection of printing artefacts.


Michael       Handed out copies of the article for those interested to read.



NEXT SCHEDULE MEETING: 22nd November, 2007