Adopted Minutes

Thursday, 12th June, 2008





Robin Saunders:

CICCC / Chairperson

Quentin Cooke:

Environment. Protection Authority

Ian Thomas:

Community Rep./Committee

Peter La Rose

Terminals Pty Ltd

Deborah Macfarlane:

Community Rep./Committee

Carlo Fasolino

State Manager Victoria, Terminals Pty Ltd

Michael Isaachsen:

Community Rep./Committee

George Horman

Managing Director, Terminals Pty Ltd

Bro Sheffield-Brotherton
Combined Enviro. Groups / Committee

Jenny Bygrave

Community Relations Manager

Port of Melbourne Corporation

Theo Pykoulas

City of Maribyrnong

Amber Dixon

Team Leader, Contaminated Land Program

Port of Melbourne Corporation

Susan Chatterton

Minute Taker






Robin         First of all it is my pleasure to welcome Jenny Bygrave and Amber Dixon from         the Port of Melbourne who kindly accepted our invitation to come along and tell us a little about your contaminated land program and also to tell us a little bit      about the Port of Melbourne Corporation.


                    Apologies Faye Simpson


                    Confirmation of draft agenda - adopted





Amber began the presentation of the Contaminated Land Program – Coode Island Groundwater Overview.


Robin         Before you begin would you be able to send me an electronic copy of the presentation. This is a public open meeting and it is our normal practice that people who make presentations provide us with a copy.


Jenny         Will check with our organization and get back to you.



Amber        Hopefully you get enough out of the presentation so we can answer your questions.




Contaminated Land In Port - Background

(bold print denotes transcribed text of overheads)


-             Port area used to be a swamp

-             Filled to make useable land

-             Occupied by multiple industrial processes

-             Modified for ongoing use

-             Regional groundwater strategy implementation commenced in 2005

-             Strategy for prevention and management of contaminated land commenced in 2006


Amber        We are now starting to go from understanding what is going on at the site to management of the situation. One way of managing the situation is through the Ground Water Assessment Program. The tenants know more about their sites that PoMC who in turn provide valuable information to the PoMC.


Ground Water Strategy


Elements include:-


-             Identification and delineation of groundwater

-             Routine Monitoring of “compliance” sites – conducted quarterly (every 3 months)

-             Routine monitoring of “issue” sites typically conducted “biannually” (semi annually)

-             Routine port wide every 2 years.


Amber then displayed a map highlighting the wells that are tested. Concentration of wells on the boundary of Pacific Terminals and Terminal Pty Ltd and especially on the No. 1 Maribyrnong berth. There are 180 wells in the regional program and approx 500 all up around various sites.


Results to Date


-             The first port wide monitoring event June 2006

-             Second port wide groundwater is currently underway (June 2008)

-             Samples are analyzed for a broad screen of analytes including metals.


Amber        Testing is for various chemicals probably in the range of 90 altogether.


Robin         You don’t include live things do you?


Amber        No just for contaminants.


Jenny         How long does it take to process the data?


Amber        The testing takes a number of weeks to collect then we have lab time. Naturally occurring chemicals are also prevalent therefore we need to analyze whether the chemicals found are naturally occurring or caused by other factors.


Deborah    How far do you monitor? What are your boundaries?


Jenny         From Shepherds Bridge on the Maribyrnong (Footscray Road) to the Bolte Bridge on the Yarra. On the PoMC website there are maps showing an outline of the whole port area. I will send Robin the link so people can visit the website themselves.


Deborah    Do you have a risk management person for Climate Change?


Jenny         There is a team of risk management personnel.


Theo           You might like to contact the Department of Sustainability they do a bit of mapping as well.


Results to date:


Metals analyzed in port wide events include:-

-             Arsenic

-             Beryllium

-             Cadmium*

-             Chromium

-             Cobalt

-             Copper

-             Lead*

-             Manganese

-             Mercury*

-             Molybdenum

-             Nickel

-             Selenium

-             zinc

*denotes findings less than the reporting limits


Amber        Some areas have naturally occurring high levels of arsenic. Cobalt and zinc have been regionally elevated typically across Coode Island. All location dependant, typically are not what we consider elevated fluctuations.


Robin         What is the distinction between a ‘detection limit’ and a ‘reporting limit’? Suppose you had a detection of Mercury of 1 part per million would you report that?


Amber        If the lab had faith in their instrumentation then yes.


George      I think the laboratory is certainly accurate when detecting the reporting limits.


Deborah    Arsenic is high on Coode Island isn’t it?


Amber        No not typically.


Results to date – started 2005


-             2008 will be compared with 2006 results to assess whether any significant regional changes in groundwater quality have occurred.

-             Where applicable, area of significant change will be followed up by a targeted groundwater assessment and/or delineation program.


Ian              Are you reporting to the EPA as anything that goes to EPA is public?


Bro              I have never seen monitoring results without figures.


Jenny         We came here to describe the process but not to divulge the figures as the             monitoring progress is still in early stages. We came here tonight with a clear   outline to give an overview.


Robin         Another way of looking at this is how we would respond if Terminals were doing this presentation. We would be appalled. We would say to Terminals “if you have data you need to make a decision as to whether you are going to release it to the committee or treat it as commercial in confidence. Terminals does provide monitoring information and I think it is from that perspective we are coming. I am not trying to put you on the spot tonight but wish you to understand where we are coming from.


Jenny         That is fair enough and we are now aware of the level of information that you want and at least we have a community contact now and we can now give that information.


PoMC community Relations Team


-             A contact point for residents, local businesses

-             PoMC website community page, works notices, local sponsorship

-             PoMC Community Contact 1300 857 662 Option 4

-             PoMC Community email


George      Would be happy to see comparison between 2006 and 2008. Saw an email between Carlo and Geoff Millard where PoMC are to attend Terminals site to perform tests.


Amber        That is correct we will be looking at the wells outside the boundary between that of Terminals and Pacific Terminals.


Robin         Could I just ask if it would be possible to have a list of your analytes?


Amber        Certainly; do not have a problem with that.


Robin         Hope that you would sort out with your organisation, when you attend a meeting like this and make a presentation that you can leave it with us Think of this as a public forum.


Ian              Could we ask if this could be the first of many meetings you attend?


Jenny         PoMC really do not feel it appropriate to jump all over operator run community meetings. We are happy to provide some information.


Amber        Jenny is the point of contact for the community.


Jenny         PoMC has only been a corporation for 5 years. The corporation is what manages the land and the port. Any specific questions can be directed to myself.




  1. PoMC to send results of 2006 – 2008 comparison with numbers, when available.
  2. PoMC to provide a list of analytes.
  3. PoMC to provide an Electronic copy of presentation.


Carlo          Provided a spreadsheet on the heavy metals with the general trend showing a drop in levels. We are seeking approval from the EPA to reduce our measurements. Terminals have submitted an annual report and are awaiting a formal response from the EPA.


Robin         Could you email data to me please


Carlo          Yes


Bro              Chromium has gone up


Carlo          The one that jumped out at me was Mercury, the data goes back to 2005.


George      The argument that we are putting is that things haven’t changed much over the years.


Bro              We should get those figures to see what the trends are. Given that contamination is historical you wouldn’t expect to see changes.


Quentin      Interesting to see the port doing most monitoring around the river interface. They are looking at what sort of environmental impact that would be having on that interface. Terminals is not changing the metal impact.


Amber        Nothing in the results presented by Carlo that indicate PoMC should go looking for the source.


George      Issue for doing testing is to manage contamination on site. Very small quantity removed during remediation on East side. PoMC is responsible for pre existing contamination. All the same fill all throughout area and never going to be cleaned up. The levels are low and Terminals transmission of heavy metals to the marine environment very low.


Bro              Conclusion jumping. When we get the data we can then have a formal discussion regarding this matter at the next meeting.




  1. Carlo to provide plan showing location of wells
  2. Carlo to send heavy metal table to Robin via email
  3. Agenda item for next meeting to discuss data


Robin         Recent readings for Mercury, why where they higher than other readings?




Carlo to provide information as to why recent readings are higher than previous.


Ian              Terminals results blue numbers are above. Would like to know whatever criteria we are looking at?


Robin         Marine eco system criteria.


George      As far as the Terminals site is concerned there are some protocols looking at contamination.


Robin         What do the %’s mean?


Amber        95% or 99% is a confidence limit. Conservative risk ranking relating to criteria eco system based.


Robin         Confidence limit is the level set which if you meet it you have 99% confidence level. The reason for highlighting on the spreadsheet is to draw your attention to the results that are of more of a concern.


Amber        ANZECC (freshwater) criteria is a lot more conservative than saltwater marine criteria.


Robin         In terms of EPA’s assessment can the EPA give some sort of gauge as to how the EPA would approach this task?


Quentin      An audit was conducted on the contamination of the river with a conclusion that small amounts were getting into the river. Collection of this data indicated that Coode Island is not generating further contamination. Key area is river interface and should still keep monitoring.


Amber        We are not concerned with presenting data but concerned about information being put on CICCC website.


Robin         We do not put any information on website that the author does not want put on website. This is not a committee run by Terminals it is the community representatives that ultimately form the committee. Representatives ask if the information that is received from Terminals is going to present a problem.


Jenny         Where does information go from here?


Michael      May not go anywhere


Robin         Committee will question until they get a satisfactory answer.


Bro              Committee and Terminals have been on a long journey, 11 years. Only good has come from such an open relationship. Interchange is very valuable.


Robin         Thanked PoMC for attending the meeting.





Ian              Under Joan’s name could it be written “on behalf of” or “proxy for” myself please.


Robin         Agreed




Item 09/07 – 2          Tim to report on investigation of the Ethyl Acrylate spill at D.P. World — item to remain open until report can be made.


All other items completed.








Peter          April was a quiet month but certainly made up for it in May. Trending down this time of year due to end of financial year.


                    Site visits – Quarterly Customer meeting with Orica and Carcinogenic audit by WorkSafe.


                    Training – competency assessments are now being renewed as 5 year interval now due.


                    Incidents - 4 for the month.


1.                   Leak of material from Tank 373 – truck fill hose – Butyl Acrylate

2.                   Yearly foam concentrate test of Plant C failed

3.                   Compartment on truck overfilled – Propyl Acetate

4.                   Apprentice contractor had nail embedded in leg from nail gun


                    Environmental monitoring – Green house emission level against thru put.


George      Terminals’ contract operators go into our Lost Time Injuries, but construction contract workers don’t.


Robin         Clarified that Butyl Acrylate is odorous, but nowhere near as much as Ethyl Acrylate.


Quentin      You seem to have a problem with your rubbers, you have two items where rubbers failed. Did you do any follow up on all the other dry break couplings?


Peter          No as very expensive, the rubber had perished.


Quentin      Therefore making it breakdown maintenance and not preventative maintenance


Peter          That’s right. This is the first incidence with these couplings.


George      Everything of the same type should have a visual inspection. Certainly on the fire system as all are under the same conditions.


Peter          Will undertake checks of couplings in the near future.


Robin         Asked Peter to report next meeting with respect to similar valves. Also can we have a date against incidents?


Peter          Yes



                    Peter to report next meeting on inspection of valves with rubber couplings, similar to the one that failed.


Ian              Next meeting can you bring along a list of odour thresholds.



                    Carlo to provide odour thresholds for acrylates.


Robin         Thank you Peter





Theo           Received 3 objections to caretaker’s cottages – Moreland Street – converted warehouse.


                    The people in residence there were told to vacate or apply for a permit for residential purposes. The people have taken the matter to VCAT – hearing 29th May, 2008. Then the Minister of Planning intervened – submission was against the application. VCAT was then rescheduled to 11-12th September, 2008.



                    Theo to forward to Robin an electronic copy of the Minister’s submission to VCAT on the Moreland Street caretakers cottages, and any updates.


Theo           Caretakers are permitted within some parameters.


Jenny         PoMC in the long term is always going to be an operating port. Always going to need that buffer zone between the port and residences.


George      The task force in 1998 conveniently left out the buffer zone.


Theo           Council is relaunching Community Awareness brochure, with a summary in twelve community languages. Hoping to make people aware of issues living close to industry and where to go for help. Council is to be the main point of contact and the ABC radio station.


                    In light of the Community Information Warning system we are inviting community on an “opt in” basis for those wishing to be a part of the system. 12,000 people can “opt in”.


                    Sending out a consent form and covering letting inviting people to participate and will be working with police with regard to wording of warning advice given. The warning will be a pre recorded message.


Robin         This is a significant step that council is committed to. Have you set an area?


Theo           Yes, a 2 km radius of the precincts in Coode Island, Yarraville, West Footscray and Tottenham.


Robin         Suggested that the committee write to City of Maribyrnong and congratulate the City on its initiative.


All                Agreed



                    Robin to write to council and congratulate the Council on its initiative.


Deborah    What about an email list?


Theo           Unless you are on your computer at the time you would not receive notification.


Michael      Would imagine message for people up wind and down wind would be different?


Theo           Advice is to be used as a trigger to notify people of incident.


Robin         Community Notice and fridge magnet could you put aside some to present to this committee.


Theo           Will try. Interested to see how many responses from the 12,000 we receive. Will be a test to see how many people wish to participate.


Robin         Theo to report at the next meeting – put as an Agenda Item.





Quentin      Given the lateness of the hour would like to go onto Item 5.





Quentin      I was not comfortable with the current license as Terminals no longer store products previously stored. Therefore currently reviewing license parameters.


                    Will finalise license amendments in the near future.


Robin         Is there any other thing to report from the EPA


Quentin      No







George      Terminals commissioned new Bitumen facility at Geelong.


                    At Melbourne we have had three tank moves over the past two weekends.


Ian              Would like us to formerly thank the PoMC representatives for attending the meeting.





Meeting dates for 2008 – 7 August, 2008 (focus on Telephone Emergency Alerting System); 6th November, 2008.