Adopted Minutes

Thursday, 10th September, 2009





Robin Saunders:

CICCC / Chairperson

Quentin Cooke:

Environment Protection Authority

Bro Sheffield-Brotherton
Environmental Group Representative/Committee Member

Theo Pykoulas

City of Maribyrnong

Michael Isaachsen:

Community Rep./Committee Member

Peter La Rose

Operations Manager, Terminals Pty Ltd

Ian Thomas:

Community Rep./Committee

Paul Hayward

Engineering Manager

Deborah MacFarlane

Community Rep./Committee Member

Susan Chatterton

Minute Taker







Robin Welcome to you all.


Apologies: George Horman, and Carlo Fasolino, Faye Simpson.


Confirmation of draft agenda – adopted





Robin Draft Minutes of the 18th June, 2009 adopted without change.


Action Items



09/07-2 Waiting for further advice from Quentin Cooke when the matter is resolved.


06/08-1 Still outstanding – to be removed from Action List


06/09-1            Completed 19/6/09


06/09-2            Copy of Severity Rating guidelines to be emailed to Robin


Robin    Advised the meeting that he had spoken with Quentin during the day, and Quentin was hoping to make the meeting (note Quentin arrived some minutes after this item). Mentioned that the TGCCC had requested Robin to write to Cheryl Batagol congratulating her on her appointment as Chairman of EPA, and to Marc to invite him to attend the TGCCC meeting on 9 November 2009.


Bro            Would be a good idea for this committee to write and congratulate her.


ACTION            Robin to write a letter of congratulations on behalf of the committee on             CherylŐs appointment. (See later amplification)





Robin            This is just as I understand it a refreshment of the EPA licence at Coode Island.             Any advice on how that is going?


Peter It has been submitted and the new licence has been agreed and just waiting on the final approval.


Robin When the licence comes through can you send me a copy? We will then circulate to the members and put on the website.


Action: Peter to send Robin a copy of the EPA licence once it has been approved for circulation and uploading onto the CICCC website.








Theo    There are a couple of contentious planning applications as far as the council is concerned. An application for 66 residential apartments at Lot 1, 200 Stephen Street in Yarraville, within close proximity of Mobil Yarraville terminal, has been lodged. Council is asking for additional details from the applicant. At the moment I do not think the council will be supporting the application in its current form.


                    Also proposed is a development at 131-133 Hyde Street for apartments with balconies consisting of 3 to 7 levels. This particular application has received 37 objections to date. The developer is taking the matter to VCAT on the 14/9/09. Currently proposed as a commercial type application but leaning more towards residential as the dwellings have balconies.


Robin    Thank you Theo. Are you aware of the constantly unfolding saga on bushfires and the need for emergency communication discussed in the media?


Theo    I have been involved with that as well. There is a lot of work being done and a lot of expectations being put back on council with the onset of summer and bushfire season. There have been 25 municipalities nominated to prepare townships for the coming bushfire season, things like relief centers in case we need to evacuate people. The Municipal Association of Victoria has raised its concerns with the CFA as there is still a lot of fuel out there and it is still a work in progress.


                    I have actually run a relief centre at King Lake for about 10 days after the fires. It was a busy and intensive time. I was requested by the Municipal Association of Victoria to help Christine Nixon and set up a relief centre at King Lake central, where we handled a lot of local government issues. I was the local government liaison working with the army and assisted the coordination of putting power back to the area and coordinating the outpouring of goodwill and assistancel. Within 10 days we were overseeing volunteer workers such as plumbers, electricians, builders etc. The Office of Community Services Commission has been working on a National Emergency Warning System, making headway but I have still not heard anything definitive.


Robin    Most interesting Theo, well done. Once they have Emergency Communication protocols rolled out to cope with bushfires then it could be extended to other instances.





Peter We had a slow month in August.


Site visits and other interests:-

á      We had a visit by the new EPA client Manager Marc Cassanet

á      Submitted 5 yearly licence renewal to EPA

á      Commissioned the Tallow export facility

á      Installed new hot water heater to replace steam boiler

á      BASF conducted 5 yearly site audit - no issues

á      Orica conducted audit of bulki-box filling - no issues

á      DOW conducted 3 yearly site audit -no issues.

á      WorkSafe conducted annual carcinogen audit - no issues.

á      Quarterly customer meeting with Mobil, again no issues were raised.


                    Discussed the incidents on the operations report with explanation from Paul Hayward on the technical issues.


Robin Were there any spills in any of the incidents?


Peter No none.


Peter    At the end of September Terminals will be taking part in an Emergency Exercise – 30/9/09 at 9:00 am. The scenario is a bund fire in the centre of Terminals with a ship along side the berth at the same time. You are all more than welcome to come down and watch, and inspect progress with Plant c at the same time.


Action: Peter to send information about the Emergency Exercise on 30/9/09 to Robin, who will circulate it to members.


Paul    We are actually going to test the fittings for each participantŐs foam tanks and make sure they all fit and use a smoke machine to simulate a fire. We have to make it realistic.


Peter    The event is being advertised. All the authorities are involved: the fire brigade, ambulance, police, port authority etc are all to be involved and are to put information about the exercise on all their Websites.


                    This is the biggest exercise Terminals has been part of.


Robin    With regard to Terminals website which I had occasion to look at, it looks very good. I might add, however, two things were of interest. Firstly, under media releases there is an absolute blank not a thing, and under technical reports there is nothing. Secondly, there is a cross reference to both of the TGCCC and CICCC websites. I have pointed out to Carlo and George that anyone reading that could think they were Terminals websites and it would be in Terminals interest to make sure there is reference on the website that they are not Terminals websites.


Peter    I will have Carlo notify everyone of when would be the best time for CICCC members to attend in order to watch proceedings at the exercise.


Robin    Thank you Peter





Quentin    A new Chairman has been appointed and has taken up the appointment this week, namely Cheryl Batagol.


                    Cheryl is going to concentrate her efforts on EPA, relinquishing her many other roles. Cheryl comes to the EPA very well networked which will be a bonus. Cheryl has been very active in the environmental part of industry for many years. The EPA structure has changed a little since her appointment, with the Chairman and CEOŐs roles separated.


Robin    Who is the CEO?


Quentin    The CEO is Terry AŐHearn, who is also Deputy chair for the next 6 months.


                    The role of client managers has not changed, just taking on a more modern model.


Robin    Who heads up your unit?


Quentin    Tony Robinson heads up my unit.


                    Participation in CICCC and other similar activities has come into review.


                    Currently checking the allocation of resources. With accredited licences it is a little different to standard licences. The EPA are trying to shift responsibility away from the authority and in favour of the client taking on the responsibility.


Robin    While the review of resources may be good for the authority, from the perspective of CICCC you have attended CICCC meetings so regularly that we have become accustomed to having the EPA representation at the meeting. This interaction has been very constructive, and many matters that come up at the meetings related to the EPA, on which you have been able to provide advice.


                    Your attendance and representation of EPA has been an important contribution to those committees that you personally have shown a genuine commitment to the CICCC. This is something that has been very constructive for the committees, for Terminals and also for the communityŐs relationship with the EPA.


Quentin    Thank you. I have found this particular activity a useful form of resource allocation point of view. The meetings have enabled me to meet with other agencies at the same time within a couple of hours which helps build a good relationship with the client. A visit to the site would otherwise be the extent of the relationship. These meetings enable a broader view of the client, and it has been a good use of time over the last years. The facts are now that the structure is different and it is no longer part of my role.


Robin    The point I was hoping you would pass on to the client managers is the potential value to them as has been to yourself in the past.


Quentin    They will form their own view and where it fits in with their job.


Ian    For our group it is important for us to have a way of looking into the EPA at a senior level. I would like us to consider putting in a submission to that effect.


Bro    Observation – do not see any change at the consultative level.


Robin    What is going to give the EPA confidence that these companies will do the right thing?


Quentin    We have a dedicated team working on enforcement, and compliance and licencing approvals. We are moving to a system where the licences are more transparent. What is in the licence and what are the conditions will be made available on an EPA website where people can view any licence they wish to see.


Bro    Our role as a committee is that we should be seeking from the EPA clarification of where this committee sits in the scheme of things.


Quentin    What I am trying to communicate is the EPA is entering into licence reform. What form it takes over the next year or so is still being developed, and trying to make it better to achieve certain desirable outcomes. Licensing is not going to be the same even Works Approvals are going to be updated and all the services that EPA currently provide are all subject to reform and update as part of this change process we are undergoing at the moment. It is more about efficiency and performance and outcomes.


Michael    Will these changes result in an improved environment?


Quentin    The EPA will have to be mindful of getting it right.


Robin    I presume it is not that any standards are going to be relinquished, more a matter of putting the onus on the company rather than the regulator.


Deborah    It does concerns me that the industry has to self monitor.


Quentin    More a reappraisal and a different concept on how things are to be done in the future. There will still be a strong compliance check function regarding auditing. People are working on the design of the licencing. This division is called the Service Knowledge Unit.


Action    Quentin is to let Robin know who heads the unit. Robin to write and ask that the committee be involved in consultation on the licence reform process.


Bro    The committee needs to write to Cheryl alluding on her vision on where the EPA is going.


Action    RobinŐs letter to Cheryl should also say the committee has appreciated QuentinŐs attendance and that he has talked about the emerging trends of the EPA.



ITEM 5            Combustor Low Fire at Night & Preheating Liquid Injection to                         & 6            combustors


Paul    At the last meeting we presented the Green House Gas Savings. We save 45 kw of energy as opposed to sending off site.


Robin    Has the EPA agreed to the Combustor low fire at night changes and has the EPA agree to the proposal to preheat liquid injection?


Quentin    Discussion last time indicated that it is feasible to pre heat the extra product wanting to be burnt as it would make the green house gas emission lower.


Paul    Money has been approved now we just have to go ahead and do it.


Pete    We have to increase the temperature to improve the flash.


Quentin    Terminals need to document what they are doing and when.


Action    Paul to send documentation to Quentin on the Combustor Low Fire at Night, and the Preheating Liquid injection to the Combustor and copy to Robin



ITEM 7            Other Business


Robin    I have been requested by Terminals management to put to the CICCC the matter about altering the hours of the meetings. The TGCCC have altered their hours to 3:30pm for a 4pm start and Terminals would like to suggest that CICCC do likewise.




Bro No not suitable


Robin Then the starting time of the meetings stays as is.





Meeting dates for 2009 – 10 December, 2009

Proposed meetings for 2010 – 11 March, 13 May, 19 August, 18 November, 2010