Adopted Minutes


Meeting held at Terminals’ site office, Coode Island at 3:00 pm



Ian Thomas
Community Rep./Committee

Paul Hayward
Engineering Manager, Terminals Pty Ltd

Michael Isaachsen
Community Rep./Committee

Peter La Rose
Operations Manager, Terminals Pty Ltd

Faye Simpson
Community Rep./Committee

Susan Chatterton
Minute Taker

Theo Pykoulas
City of Maribyrnong

Robin Saunders:

Bro Sheffield-Brotherton
Community Rep./Committee

Jessamy Nicholas:
EPA Victoria




Robin         Apologies:   Carlo Fasolino, Deborah MacFarlane

                    Draft Agenda confirmed

ITEM 2.       CONFIRM DRAFT MINUTES FOR THE MEETING 8 December, 2011.  No previous Action Items listed.

                    Query 2010-11 Report to EPA (missing data from first half of 2010)

                    Query “Industry as Neighbour” web site : Terminals not listed as Industry Neighbour.



                    The draft Minutes of the meeting on 8 December 2011 were adopted without change.

Robin         Ian has raised the matter of a site inspection . We need to have any site inspection at the beginning of a meeting here at Coode Island, perhaps at 3pm prior to the next meeting.

Peter          I need to have operators stay back to escort you around site, and that must be arranged in advance.

Michael      Happy to wait until the meeting 28th November, 2012 for site visit.

                    The Committee adopted Michael’s suggestion, and a site visit will be put on the agenda for the 28 November meeting, at 3:00 pm.

Robin         Carlo has sent me Annual Performance Statements to EPA which I have put on CICCC website (it was also put on EPA website).  Up to and including 2009, the reports were for calendar years. Then EPA then changed the reporting period to the financial year, with the next report being for the 2010-2011 year. That process has left a void in reporting for the first six months of 2010.  Similarly, the annual community reports have had a similar change from calendar year to financial year at the same times. It would make the record complete if the missing six months could be reported in some form.

                    I understand that the EPA’s requirements for annual reporting for an accredited site have undergone a further change, and are now called Annual Performance Statements.

ACTION:  Carlo to advise whether the first six months in 2010 can be reported on to fill the gap in the annual reports, and the new annual reporting arrangements that Terminals will adopt in relation to both EPA and the Community.

Robin         I recently looked at the MFB web site referred to by Theo at the last meeting. It can be found at and it allows individuals and companies to subscribe and receive warnings. I have done so, and Committee members may also wish to subscribe.

                    I noticed that while a number of companies such as Qenos, Dow, Caltex and Orica are listed prominently as Industry Neighbours, Terminals is not listed. I wish to draw this to the attention of Terminals.

. Theo         Theo advised of a joint MFB, Maribyrnong Council and Hobsons Bay initiative “When Industry Is Your Neighbour – What to do in an emergency” ( This web site has a pointer to the MFB site, and is available in 15 community languages. The next Council mail out to 30,000 addresses will be promoting the Shelter in Place newsletter.

ACTION:  Carlo to consider whether Terminals wants to be listed as a Neighbour on the MFB web site.






Jessamy   Tabled the EPA Activity Report (attached)

·   EPA will be undertaking site inspections with rigorous assessment of the 2011 Annual Performance Statements by the end of June 2012.

·   EPA are going to conduct a blitz on illegal dumping in selected areas of the Melbourne Metro Region

·   A new iPhone App will encourage people to report illegal littering


Faye           Expressed concern that malicious or erroneous reports may unfairly target innocent people. She asked how many reports need to be made before EPA takes action?


Jessamy   People get a warning first, then a fine.  Your concern is definitely an issue to raise at the EPA. We want to make is as easy as possible to report infringements, but people’s rights must be considered.. 


ACTION:  Jessamy to report back the relevant procedure at EPA for responding to community reports of illegal littering, and measures to avoid erroneous or malicious reports.

Robin         thanked Jessamy and asked that she email Activity Report to him in advance to meetings.





Peter          Peter talked the committee through the Operations Report and discussed the incidents.   


                    Peter advised that the WorkSafe MHF licence renewal procedure will be undertaken this year. Five or six WorkSafe inspectors will be on site for one and a half weeks.




Theo              I organised a meeting a couple of weeks ago with Terminals as part of an organisation review with new General Manager Corporate Services – Stephen Wall.


                   Stephen met with Robin, Carlo and Peter.  A full report of the meeting was provided in Robin’s memo dated 19 February 2012, which was sent to all Committee Members.


                   Stephen is happy for Council to continue support of the committee. 



Robin        As set out in Robin’s report, the work done by the Committee in 2001 to review its Objectives, Roles of Committee Members, and Membership are in fact the amended Terms of Reference. The Committee agreed that the changes recommended by the Chair should be implemented.


                  Carlo has in mind to the extend the role of committee in a way similar to an aspect of the GCEG.  Carlo will address the committee next meeting on this matter. At Geelong, Committee members discussed with local schools to determine if there they had particular needs that might be assisted by Terminals. Subsequently Terminals followed up some leads, and made two $5000 grants to local schools which met the assessment criteria proposed by Terminals.


Bro             I feel there is a conflict of interest both real and perceived.


Peter         Carlo wants committee to give back to the community.


Faye          When Carlo develops a proposal and brings it back to the committee we will decide then.  I am concerned there is a conflict of interest.


ACTION:  Robin to amend the web site, deleting the heading “Terms of Reference” from the Initiating Report, and adding it to the revised Mission Statement and Role.





Paul            went through the current EIP Action Report, dated February 2012.


Robin         Queried the note against the East Side groundwater monitoring (“Assessment complete, waiting on EPA feedback to stop monitoring”)

Paul            Monitoring levels are extremely low and Terminals want to stop monitoring.  Paul asked Jessamy if the EPA would agree. 


                        The Committee discussed the Waste Minimisation item on page 3, and agreed that it should read “Extend burning of flammable wastes on site to include combustible wastes.”



Paul            Monitoring levels are extremely low and Terminals want to stop monitoring.  Paul asked Jessamy if the EPA would agree. 


General       Page 3 of EIP “Waste Minimisation” – Target Objective to be altered to read Discussion “Extend burning of flammable wastes on site to include combustible wastes”.


                    Target dates (particularly on page 3) also need to be altered on report, and the comment that EPA and worksafe are satisfied should be removed, along with the Regulatory Sign off column, as EPA no longer signs off items in an EIP





ACTION:  Jessamy to make enquiries regarding stopping the monitoring of groundwater on the East Side and report back to the next meeting.


ACTION:  Paul to make corrections to the February 2012 EIA Action Report update and provide it to the Committee members prior to the May meeting.



Robin         The present EIP does not expire until the end of 2012, so discussion on the new EIP will be deferred until the November meeting



Robin         Emailed to everyone Peter’s report on the Monitoring Progam for Terminals Pty Ltd Coode Island Facility.and will be put on the CICCC website.  Blue print of how Terminals monitor their tanks.

Bro              There are a few acronyms that need explaining.  For example ERV, PRV and VV.  Could they be explained prior to the document being put on the website?


ACTION: Paul to have the acronyms spelled out and sent to Robin

Faye           Does this reflect your computer monitoring?

Paul            An Excell spreadsheet is used whereby a planner is on the wall where it is visible.  Running sheets, work orders, spreadsheets are all hyperlinked.

Robin         When we have the site inspection in November can we have a run through the maintenance system?

Peter          That would be fine.




NEXT MEETING            31st May, 2012 at the City of Maribyrnong at 6:30 pm


FURTHER MEETING DATES FOR 2012       30 August and 28 November (includes site visit and maintenance schedule inspection)