Adopted Minutes

Thursday, 30th August, 2012





Ian Thomas:

Community Rep./Committee

Carlo Fasolino

State Manager, Victoria & SA

Deborah Macfarlane:

Community Rep./Committee

Peter La Rose  Terminals Pty Ltd
Manager Coode Island

Michael Isaachsen:

Community Rep./Committee

Susan Chatterton  Terminals Pty Ltd

Minute Taker

Faye Simpson

Community Rep./Committee

Robin Saunders:

CICCC / Chairperson

Jessamy Nicholas:

EPA Victoria






Robin         Welcome to everyone.


                    Apologies: Theo Pykoulas, Bro Sheffield-Brotherton, Geoff Millard


                    Confirmation of draft agenda - adopted





Draft minutes of 31 May, 2012 adopted.


Action Items:-


02/2012-1   Done 30/08/12. Geoff Millard will include the first six months of 2010 in the 2010-2011 Community Report.


ACTION:  Carlo to clarify the new arrangements for the financial year reports to EPA and the Community, and the timing of receipt by the CICCC of the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 reports.


02/2012-2 – Robin to email Carlo MFB website mentioning neighbors.


02/2012-6 – Carlo to ask Paul Hayward to update Improvement Action Plan.  Carlo to                 email to Robin. Carlo will follow this item up.


05/2012-2 – Carlo cannot find the 52 recommendations.  Believes they are not                           recommendations only minor things.  Will leave until Geoff Millard comes                  back from leave.








Robin spoke on behalf of Theo.  Robin emailed everyone a “Shelter In Place” leaflet the council had distributed.




Š                  EPA attended Terminals site and performed audit.

Š                  Community Forum (Robin sent out details via email)

Š                  New Waste Management Policy – Movement of Controlled Waste between States and Territories

Š                  New website

Š                  Upgraded Beach Report for the coming summer season

Š                  Upgraded Fact Sheets on website


Jessamy distributed Activity Report and Environmental Citizenship power point presentation.


Ian              In response to Jessamy’s comments on the new Waste Management Policy, Ian mentioned that he had recently attended a seminar organized by the Health, Safety and Environment group of the Royal Australian Chemical Institution where an EPA speaker, Dr Laura-Lee Innes had made a presentation on handling intractable chemicals (such as dioxins, PCBs, and mercury), and means of preventing them from getting into the environment. Ian mentioned that since the time when M.V.Vulcanus came to Melbourne and too on board some such intractable wastes for high temperature incineration at sea, the options for disposing of these wastes were very limited.


Jessamy   EPA has 2 principal waste experts – Waste and Air


Robin         Went on the EPA website and could not find any licenses, audits, works approvals, permits or EIP’s.


Jessamy   I will follow up.


ACTION:  Jessamy to follow up the availability of company related licences, audits, works approvals, permits and EIPs on the EPA web site.


Ian              I found out EPA can only provide complaint information in a general way only back to when EPA started computerising information – 1990.  Need to make previous information available.  Only able to obtain earlier information via “Freedom of Information


Jessamy   I will find out whether EPA intends to put the old complaint information up on its website, and advise the Committee.

ACTION:  Jessamy to advise the Committee whether EPA intends to put the old complaints data up on its web site.  




Peter            2 EPA auditors attended the site for a performance audit.


                      Discussed the five Severity 2 incidents. Three of these involved physical faults with road tankers, causing spills of the order of one to five litres. These trucks have been banned until repair certificates are viewed. The fourth involved a five litre spill of Methyl Ethyl Ketone following a ship discharge, due to a failure by the ship crew to clean the lines. Terminals Pty Ltd sent a letter of protest against the ship.


                      The fifth severity 2 incident involved an operator twisting his back while bending over to connect a hose. Following the incident, all operators have had further training in manual handling techniques.




Carlo          Summary of Targets 2013 – 2016 There was little change resulting from the discussion at the May meeting. Carlo to revise the Summary of Targets in light of the previous discussion.


ACTION:  Carlo to update the 2013 -2016 table and email to Robin for distribution.


Carlo then explained the combustor use – 2 streams, feed and dilute. One stream comes from tanks with nitrogen blanketing, which need air to be added to make them combustible. A second stream comes from venting during road tanker filling, where the gas is already air rich. Investigations are proceeding to minimize the amount of air that is introduced to the combustor, to a point where it still provides efficient burning, leading to better gas efficiency.


Peter          We are re-looking at putting solar panels on the loading gantries





1.                NEXT MEETING            Come in Safety attire for tour of site 28/11/12.  Long   sleeves, long trousers.  Hats and glasses will be provided.


3.                Ian          I am attending a Risk Conference in the Hunter Valley NSW 21-                                          22/9/12.


                    Robin     Thank you for emailing the program for the conference, which I have circulated to CICCC. Can you email me any relevant matters from  the conference on your return please.


4.            The suggested dates  for meetings in 2013 (6 Feb, 11 April, 18 July & 6 Nov) will be discussed next meeting 28 November, 2012, to be held on site.




The suggested dates for the 2013 meetings are Wednesday 6 February (site, 3 pm); Thursday 11 April (MCC 6:30pm), Thursday 18 July (MCC 6:30pm), Wednesday 6 November (site, 3pm). These will be confirmed at the November meeting.


The last meeting for 2012 will be held at the Terminals Coode Island office on 28th November, 2012 at 3pm sharp, commencing with a site inspection. . Please note that this is a Wednesday.





Updated EPA report, provided after the meeting, to include a report on the Compliance inspection of the Terminals’ site.


Coode Island CCC relationship lead

Jessamy Nicholas


0427 866 475

Statutory activities

EPA carried out a licence compliance inspection of Terminals Pty Ltd on 19 June 2012.  The assessment included:

Š       Inspection of the storm water management systems and infrastructure.

Š       Inspection of the premises tank farm areas.

Š       Inspection of the groundwater management facilities.

Š       Review of documentation on air discharges.

Š       The premises has been requested to provide follow up documentation on testing of surface water and groundwater, and the evaluation of air discharges.

No specific issues were identified during the inspection, the site has upgraded the bunding/storage facilities in one of the two tank farms (C) and told us that they were progressively upgrading the  bunding/storage facilities in the other tank farm (B)


Inspection of the storm water discharges showed them to be locked shut, we were told that the majority of storm water accumulated at the site is dealt with on site.  No sheens were observed in water accumulated within bunded areas. All three observations are positive.


There was some groundwater infrastructure along the riverside boundary of the site, we were told it is in place to contain contaminated groundwater – EPA will follow up internally with our experts on what this is for, and its status.


EPA will also follow up on air, surface water and groundwater site data to assess the veracity of the statements made during the inspection.

Pollution incidents and reports

Community Reports to EPA Pollution Watch for Terminals Coode Island:

Š       1 June 2012 – 30 August 2012 = 0 community reports

Action items for EPA Victoria

Š       Terminals EIP:  EIPs are required to be approved by EPA as part of the process of granting an Accredited Licence.  The management of the EIP is between Terminals and the community.  The Accredited Licence is reviewed every five years by EPA and to retain accreditation, Terminals must have an EIP in place that is working effectively. Given this is managed with the community, EPA will consider the community feedback on the EIP process as part of this review. EIPs are voluntary for standard Licences, however the principles of an effective EIP as a community engagement tool are the same.  These are outlined on our website:

Other local and EPA news

EPA’s Metro Community Forum will be held on Wednesday 26 September 5-8pm, EPA Centre for Environmental Sciences, Ernest Jones Drive, Macleod.  For more information email or see EPA website.


EPA has launched a new website. Aside from an updated look, the new website features better structured information making it easier for users to understand our wide range of information and enforcement activities.


A publication on EPA’s reform of Beach Report is now available on the website.  It includes an analysis of data gathered from the 2011/12 Beach Report season that has confirmed water quality was good and suitable for swimming during fine weather.  The review includes why and what we monitor, what community can do to help keep beaches clean, and the new online engagement tools available for the community.


EPA has released a new suite of EPA Fact Sheets on the EPA website to provide guidance on important environmental issues.


A New Waste Management Policy (Movement of Controlled Waste between States and Territories) was declared by the Governor in Council on 24 July 2012 and came into effect on 26 July 2012. More information is on the EPA website.