Adopted Minutes

Wednesday, 28th November, 2012





Ian Thomas:

Community Rep./Committee

Carlo Fasolino

State Manager, Victoria & SA

Deborah Macfarlane:

Community Rep./Committee

Paul Hayward  Terminals Pty Ltd
Engineering Manager

Michael Isaachsen:

Community Rep./Committee

Rory Quinn  Terminals Pty Ltd

Regional Engineering Manager

Faye Simpson

Community Rep./Committee

Susan Chatterton  Terminals Pty Ltd

Minute Taker

Jessamy Nicholas:

EPA Victoria

Robin Saunders:

CICCC / Chairperson

Bro Sheffield-Brotherton

Community Rep./Committee







The demonstration of the maintenance System was brought forward before the site inspection.


Paul             Explained Terminals maintenance system, using the handover report from Col Brighton before he left Terminals Pty Ltd employment. Paul Cook is responsible for the maintenance of the system.

      Maintenance Planner on the wall visible to all and tasks ticked off when complete followed up by check sheets filed in cabinet in Superintendents office.  Paper trail easy to access and locate.

      Worksafe preferred system – easy to follow

      Maintenance Manual accessible on line

      Critical Control Performance Manual accessible on line.

      Meets all statutory checks

      Maintenance Planner updated every year – also includes 10 year tank testing etc.


Carlo           We are now starting our 10 year inspection.  Pumps do not get used that much    and if they break we replace.


Ian                A computerized Maintenance System is now an industry standard.


Carlo           My experience is that centralized computer systems are not as easy to use or maintain as the system Terminals uses.


Faye             The predictive capacity is a benefit of a computerized system. Is it possible to roll in timetable ships arrival and personnel and tank usage.


Carlo           Cannot predict ships and customers


Paul             Botany is trialing a computerized system so we will see how they go with it.           Any system is only as good as the information put in.


Ian                The more straightforward the system the more likely things will not go wrong.


Paul             If checks prove a defect a work request is issued to maintenance people till          complete. 


Explanation followed on running sheets register for repairs or faults and permit system and Job Safety Analysis records.


Faye               How long does it take for the work to be done and is there a system of nominating urgency.


Carlo              Operators are maintenance people that are multi skilled which is an         advantage and will repair most things except for any electrical faults.


Michael          Do valves removed get repaired and does that particular valve have a good record?


Paul                We have the valve repaired with pressure test certificates provided to        authenticate serviceability.  Service contractor will notify if valve is not able to             be fixed and we will then purchase new.


Robin             The first screen of Pauls report written by Col Brighton, is there a possibility to have that document emailed?


Carlo              I will have a look at the document and let you know.


Action            Carlo to decide if the first page of Col Brightons maintenance handover report can be provided to the committee.




Robin         Welcome to everyone.


                    Apologies: Theo Pykoulas, Geoff Millard


                    Confirmation of draft agenda - adopted





Draft minutes of 30 August, 2012 adopted.


Action Items:-


05/2012-2 Carlo will circulate list of the 52 recommendations in the Safety Case review to members. Eleven of the items are capital expenditure items.


                    Carlo spoke about the following:-


   LELs combustor and carbon beds

   Safety Case – brainstorming

   Slops tank

   Radio Alarms


ACTION:     Carlo to email full list of the 52 recommendations in the Safety Case review to Robin for circulation.


Robin         With the minor 41 items resulting from the Safety Case you have just shown us, can we have them included in into the EIP, with all 41 covered in a single line item?  This would assist the committee in being able to assure people that Terminals is a well-managed site.


                    (52 items in Safety Case, 11 capital intensive, items remaining 41 management prescriptions)


08/2012/1  Carlo to clarify the new arrangements for the financial year reports to EPA and the Community, and the timing of receipt by the CICCC of the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 reports.


Carlo          I have no idea when I will have them available.  The report to EPA is going to be very streamlined, so the committee should focus on the community reports as more work is involved in them.


ACTION:     Carlo to get back to Robin prior to Christmas to advise the target dates for the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 Community reports.


08/2012/2  Theo to follow up with MFB to reinstate the page on the Industry is your Neighbour page showing nominated neighbours.


                    Theo is an apology.


08/2012/3  Jessamy to follow up the availability of company related licences, audits, works approvals, permits and EIPs on the EPA web site.


Jessamy   EPA is currently undergoing a Business Systems Review and introducing a new client management system.  New IBIs system should be up and running next year.  Will try and arrange for an EPA representative from the IT department to attend meeting and give a demonstration 18th July, 2013.


                    EIPs are not available on the EPA web site, and it is the responsibility of the facility manager to put their EIPs on the web.


ACTION:     Jessamy to confirm EPA IT representative to attend 18 July 2013 meeting, to advise on the new client management system, and the availability of company related licences, audits, works approvals and permits on the EPA web site.


08/2012/4  Jessamy to advise the Committee whether EPA intends to put the old complaints data up on its web site.


Jessamy   EPA will be putting the most topical complaints on the web site in the future with a map reference.


08/2012/5  Carlo to update the 2013 – 2016 EIP summary table and email to Robin for distribution.


Carlo          EIP summary table - 2013 – 2016 will discuss in my presentation.






Theo is an apology.





Jessamy distributed Activity Report and Environmental Citizenship power point presentation.


                  EIPs are not available on EPAs website.  It is the responsibility of business to      put them on their own website.


                  EPA carried out licence compliance inspection of Terminals on 19/6/12. Results will not be available until next quarterly meeting.


                  EPA has now prepared the Approvals review (draft report) for comment.


                  EPA is establishing its first strategic Community Reference Group to compliment the issues focused on in the Regional Community Forums. The first meeting is on Tuesday 6th December, 2012.





Carlo discussed incidents. There was just one Severity 2 incident, where both operators were found inside a canola tank undertaking an inspection, when the confined space rules require one person to be outside at all times. The operators have been counseled and will re-sit the confined space training.


Robin:        Carlo, could you please give us an overview of Terminals operations throughout all its sites?



      Melbourne is full and as big as it can get.

      Geelong – AVGAS complete,  Half way through the Bitumen expansion

      South Australia – A new fuels Terminal is being built

      NSW Botany – Bitumen facility built

      New Zealand - quiet





Robin         Ground Water Protection - Clay bund liner should read clay bund liners


Carlo          Terminals have backed off clay bund until next year.


Robin         Vapour Emission – replace wording in status column.  Alternative to automate fans to turn on when required automate the re generable back up carbon beds.

                    Carlo have a look at February minutes and make sure it outlines Item 4.


ACTION:     Carlo to send Robin new consolidated EIP




The dates for the 2013 meetings were confirmed as Wednesday 6 February (site, 3 pm); Thursday 11 April (MCC 6:30pm), Thursday 18 July (MCC 6:30pm), and Wednesday 6 November (site, 3pm). These will be confirmed at the November meeting.





EPA Report


Coode Island CCC relationship lead

Jessamy Nicholas


0427 866 475

Statutory activities

EPA carried out a licence compliance inspection of Terminals Pty Ltd on 19 June 2012.  Follow up activities from that inspection:

       EPA requested data on testing of surface water and groundwater, and the evaluation of air discharges – Terminals has now provided this to EPA

       EPA is still following up on internally to validate air, surface water and groundwater site data to assess the veracity of the statements made during the inspection.

       EPA is still following up internally on the groundwater infrastructure along the riverside boundary of the site that is there to contain contaminated groundwater.


Pollution incidents and reports

Community Reports to EPA Pollution Watch for Terminals Coode Island:

       30 August – 20 November 2012 = 0 community reports


Action items for EPA Victoria

1.     Jessamy to follow up the availability of company related licences, audits, works approvals, permits and EIPs on the EPA web site:

    Currently EPA is undertaking a business systems review and introducing a new client management system.  This is a major IT project which is due to be complete by March 2013.  This will enable community, customers and business to access information on licences, works approvals, non-confidential audits and some permits through the EPA website.  Jessamy or the new relationship lead can organise for a demonstration of this in the July meeting next year.

    EIPs are not available on EPAs website.  It is the responsibility of business to put them on their own website.


2.     Jessamy to advise the Committee whether EPA intends to put the old complaints data up on its web site:

    EPA doesnt intend to put old data complaints up on its website.  The community are able to request specific complaints information through the EPA customer service centre or FOI process.  In the future as EPAs technology becomes more sophisticated EPA may consider having current complaints data available on its website.






Other local and EPA news

Approvals Review – open for comment

EPA has now prepared the Approvals review (draft report) for comment. This draft report – informed by extensive research and stakeholder input – proposes reforms to EPAs approvals process for:

       works approvals

       licence approvals

       research, development and demonstration approvals

       emergency or commissioning approvals.


EPA welcomes your comments on what is proposed in the draft report by Friday, 7 December 2012. Written comments should be sent to  More information is on the website


EPA Community Reference Group

EPA is establishing its first strategic Community Reference Group to compliment the issues focused Regional Community Forums.  The group will meet quarterly with the first meeting being held on Tuesday 4 December.  The main purpose for the group is for community and environment groups to collaborate with EPA to:

       focus on the State wide environmental issues and opportunities, and work towards achieving shared objectives;

       have strategic discussions that challenge and influence EPA in constructive ways, to advance EPAs knowledge, and enhance the delivery of EPAs mandate; and

       provide a forum to enhance EPAs communication and relationships with key community and environmental partners.